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SGS's Shortcut to Ditch SDTM Double Programming

Join our live webinar for an overview of SGS's unique validation methodology, its benefits and much more.
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How the CPSC's eFiling Platform Will Affect Filing Certification Data for Consumer Products

Join our live webinar to learn about the CPSC’s new mandatory eFiling system.
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Logistics and Transportation of Container Cargo Ship

An Expert Guide to EAC Ready Product Certification

Join our complimentary webinar to find out how our certification services can get your products ready for the EAC market.
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Laptop Showing Wireless Communication Concept

Are Your Products Wi-Fi 7 Ready?

Join our live webinar to learn how SGS can help your Wi-Fi 7 products achieve market success.
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AI-Powered Prediction of Mycotoxins Risks Within Food Supply Chains

Join our live webinar to gain insight into utilizing artificial intelligence for an understanding of mycotoxins dynamics and to integrate these innovations into your risk management frameworks.
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Rethinking Research: Healthy Volunteers in Early Oncology Studies

Join our live webinar to gain insight into why oncology clinical trials with healthy volunteers can provide valuable results, learn about the pros and cons of these trials and much more.
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Key Changes and Impacts of IATF Rules 6th Edition on IATF 16949

This webinar discusses the key changes of IATF Rules 6th Edition and how they will impact IATF 16949 audits in the future.
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Mining Technical Disclosure

Practical Guide: How to Successfully Achieve Mining Technical Disclosure

Join our live webinar to hear about market investment trends, challenges for different commodities, recovery methods and much more.
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Assorted Capsules and Pills

How to Switch from a Probabilistic to a Deterministic Approach for Your Container Closure Integrity Testing

Join our live webinar and tune in to our discussion on how easy it can be to transition from a probabilistic to a deterministic approach and much more.
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Fashion with Lower Environmental Impacts: Supply Chain Decarbonization & Durability of Textile Products

An expert webinar exploring effective decarbonization roadmaps for the fashion industry.
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